How Much Does it Cost? online ordering system delivery fee starts at $3.99 for up to 3.5 miles from restaurant to delivery location. After first 3.5 miles, fees increase based on mileage. This is to compensate our Driver Heroes for fuel and wear and tear on their vehicles.  To keep our service as low cost, efficient, and mistake-free as possible we prefer all orders come through our website or APP. If you need to place orders via phone, we welcome the call, but a Phone Order fee of $1.99 is applied.  Also, some partner menus may have a modest up-charge over their dine-in rates to compensate Takeout Hero for providing the staff and technology to deliver this service to you.

*Please note the total of your charges may vary after initial purchase only in the event the restaurant levies a specific upcharge if customers request additional condiments above and beyond what normally is provided with their meals.

What is the standard Delivery Time?
Our standard delivery time is 45-60 Minutes. We process our orders in the order we receive them. If we have orders ahead of yours, we do not place your order with the restaurant until our driver can go pick it up to ensure your food is hot and fresh when it arrives to you. Sometimes restaurants get backed up and cause our drivers to wait, so please be understanding if on busy weekend nights if the wait time is a little longer than normal.  

Can I place an order for a later date?

Yes, the online ordering system allows you to effectively schedule your delivery by letting you choose your time. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, next week, or months from now, gives you the flexibility for all your meal planning.

Special Instructions for my order?
For every item on a restaurants’ menu, our ordering system gives you the opportunity to include 
‘Special Instructions’. This will ensure the restaurant you order from prepares your meal with the attention it requires.  Please be aware that some restaurants do not allow substitutions or changes and may charge for additoinal items or substitutions which may change the final total due to restaurants' addtitional charges.

Can I order a beverage? utilizes the beverages listed on the menus of all our amazing restaurant partners.

Do I tip my delivery driver?
Our Delivery Drivers receive 100% of all tips that are added to the order as their compensation, and they greatly appreciate your generosity. They work hard to get you the orders fast and hot, and often brave the nasty weather to make your life a little easier. Note that if you tip in cash, our drivers do not carry any change with them for safety reasons.

Can I special request a driver?
Yes. You can special request a specific Takeout Hero delivery driver on your order, however your request is not guaranteed to be fulfilled due to order volumes or if the driver is busy on another delivery. If you do not mind waiting longer for your requested driver, please note so in your request.

Who do I contact for customer service?
You can call our customer service number 863-940-4624 or simply email us at

How do I redeem a Gift Certificate online?
When you are ready to enter your payment method on the checkout page, you will have the opportunity to enter the Gift Certificate code. The amount will be deducted from your order total and any remaining balance can be paid with a credit card.

Setting up a corporate account?
A corporate account with allows your company to cut costs by enhancing expense control and reducing administrative overhead associated with ordering, billing and reimbursement processes.

Can I change my information after I register for an account?
Yes, you can modify your information at any point after registering with by clicking on the 
‘My Account’ page after you are signed in.

Can I change my order after I place an order?
If we can reach the restaurant before they start the order, then absolutely!  

What types of Payments do you accept?
The types of payments we accept are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Our drivers do not carry any change therefore we do not prefer to accept cash.

Why is there a $1.99 charge on my receipt? charges a small Call In Convenience Fee of $1.99 for all orders placed with a customer service representative over the phone. We encourage our clients to place orders through the APP or at in order to be most efficient and allow for the quickest processing of orders. There will be no additional fees for orders placed on the website or through app. 

Are the menu prices the same as at the restaurant? 

Yes for some restaurants, No for others. Takeout Hero is able to provide this service only by earning a commission from our restaurant partners. In some cases the commission is lower than the actual cost of providing our services, therefore we place a modest upcharge on the menu items to cover this cost. Some restaurants will have identical prices online and in-store.  Our drivers are independent contractors, and 100% of their compensation comes from the delivery fee and your generous tips.